About EnzymeClinic Alternative Therapy Centre

Since 2003, we have been practicing alternative and complimentary therapy to help individuals realize their biological potential to experience optimal health naturally. Our approach is from a biological viewpoint, rather than a medical viewpoint. The standard medical approach is to diagnose and provide appropriate treatment using drugs or surgery. Our approach addresses the individual’s emotional and spiritual dimensions as well as nutritional, environmental, and lifestyle factors that may have contributed to an illness. We view each individual as biochemically unique individuals, and not as just a disease or a collection of symptoms. We believe and emphasize that the mind, body, and spirit play an important role in recovery and healing. In Enzyme Clinic, we provide guidance in diet, lifestyle and specific nutrient needs of the individual; combined with natural herbs, unique enzymatic formulation and therapeutic whole food nutrients consumption to alleviate health challenges naturally. Our experience therapist, with a validation tool, will help determine the underlying cause of specific health issues and customize specific diet, nutrition and lifestyle adjustments for each unique individual.

Common Therapy Health Conditions
  1. Digestive disorders like GERD, Reflux, Heartburn and Gastritis
  2. Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), Frequent Gas and Bloating issues
  3. Bowel issues like Chronic Constipation and Diarrhea
  4. Skin Conditions like Eczema, Psoriasis, Hives, Acne and Sensitive Skin issues
  5. Food sensitivity, Food Intolerances and Allergies
  6. Respiratory issues like Asthma, Rhinitis and Sinusitis
  7. Frequent Flu-like symptoms, Cough and Colds
  8. Chronic Migraine and Frequent Headaches
  9. Frequent Lethargy, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Insomnia and Unrestful Sleep issues
  10. Frequent Shoulder and Neck-ache issues
  11. Rheumatoid Arthritis, Gout and Joint Inflammatory conditions
  12. Obesity and Weight Management issues
  13. Chronic Water Retention (Edema)
  14. Pre-menstrual stress and Perimenopausal conditions
Enzyme Clinic’s Approach to Optimal Health

► We Are Biochemically Unique!

We understand and know that digestion, nutrient acquisition, assimilation and toxins elimination abilities vary with different individuals. Each individual’s response to food and toxins varies according to their biochemical and genetic uniqueness; it is different from person to person. Upon this knowledge, we will address lifestyle habits, diet, nutrition and other possible conditions that could have been contributing factors to the individual’s inability to assimilate nutrients and eliminate toxins efficiently. These factors are obstacles that prevent the individual from obtaining their desired health goals. Enzyme Clinic’s evaluation, guidance and rectification process could provide a possible solution for the individual’s potential to attain optimal health.

► Explore and Address Possible Root Cause

Research has shown that major health problems are digestion and diet related. We will address and evaluate an individual’s digestion abilities so as to improve their nutrient assimilation, detoxification abilities and explore various environmental, lifestyle, diet, biological as well as physiological aspect that could have contributed to the individual’s health issue.

We will explore possible nutrient deficiencies as well as possible overconsumption of specific nutrients that might have contributed to disease. Our therapist will look into possible food Intolerance or allergy issues that might have been overlooked or was ignorant to the individual.

The individual’s lifestyle and diet will be monitored by our therapist closely. Unique whole food, pharmaceutical grade plant-based enzymatic formulation and herbal solutions will be administered. These natural whole foods solutions could provide a therapeutic support for cellular repair, renewal and regeneration. The ultimate goal is to maintain homeostasis; allow the body to maintain an internal equilibrium; allowing it to heal.

► Enzymatic Solutions for Holistic Health

Enzymes are involved in a vast biochemical and biological processes in our body. The quality of our enzyme's health is linked to the quality of our health. In order to maintain homeostasis and avoid disorders, enzyme activities must be regulated efficiently to avoid and prevent metabolic disorders.

A deficient enzyme function will deter our goal to accomplish optimal health. In Enzyme Clinic, we understand the unrelenting role enzymes play in our health and life. We know that there is a strong connection between the strength of our cellular health, immune system and our enzyme levels. More enzyme reserves would translate directly into more efficient digestion, absorption, assimilation and elimination of toxic waste from our body.

This equates to a body that is resilient, ever prepared to fight diseases and self-heal. In Enzyme Clinic, we use enzymes derived from plants and/or unicellular organisms, for they have a wider pH tolerance range. The stability of these enzymes within the various sections of the GI tract is mostly the function of their pH stability.

Normally, under conditions where a protein is stable, and maintains its native conformation, its susceptibility to proteolytic activity is reduced. Plant derived enzymes, due to its wider pH tolerance are more resistant to proteolytic attack. Thus, these orally ingested supplemental plant-based enzymes will continue to assist in breaking down the food materials; complementing the activity of the endogenous enzymes in digestion and metaboilism.

► Enzymatic Solution for Alleviating Diseases

In order for our body to receive the essential nutrients and oxygen it needs to function optimally, our blood cells must be able to flow freely through a network of arteries and veins to deliver essential nutrients and oxygen to the trillions of cells in our body. Fibrin, a glycoprotein formed from fibrinogen, impedes blood flow by causing blood cells to coagulate and form clots.

These clots are formed by a network of fibrin molecules formed in the presence of calcium ions and Factor XII (Hageman factor). Blood coagulation is a very controlled and regulated process. Although it is necessary under conditions of bleeding, excessive blood coagulation in the vessels can be fatal. Elevated amounts of fibrins can hinder blood flow and promote blood coagulation. Blood flow impeded promotes acidosis; causing oxygen supply to reduce and an excessive accumulation of carbon dioxide.

Proteolytic enzymes have the capability of hydrolyzing (dissolving) these fibrin networks; contributing in the enhancement of blood flow. This activity protects the blood vessels from any endothelial damage. Proteolytic enzymes have been used therapeutically to correct excessive fibrin formation. Once in the blood stream, proteolytic enzymes can enhance blood rheology by removing waste materials from the cellular environment and enhance blood cells’ role in delivering oxygen and nutrients. Apart from their fibrinolytic activity, proteolytic enzymes have the ability to break excessive aggregation of thrombocytes.

Thrombocytes are cells that play a key role in blood clotting, aggregating with thrombin. Even though thrombocytes play an important role in normal blood clotting, an uncontrolled and excessive aggregation of thrombocytes can lead to poor blood flow and cause blood vessels damage. Studies have shown that oral proteases (Proteolytic enzymes) play a major role in reducing plaques in blood vessels and offer a possible relief for alleviating cardiovascular issues. Plaques formation in vessels usually forms a focus site where cells accumulate (Thrombus formation); causing a hindrance in blood flow. The risk that lies with thrombus formation is that they’re unpredictable; it could occur at any time, elevating the risk of clogging within the blood vessels. Studies reveal that oral proteases are absorbed into the blood stream and have the ability to remain active through their association with the α-2macroglobulin (large plasma protein found in blood) to function as an inhibitor of coagulation by inhibiting thrombin.

A regular intake of oral proteolytic enzymes constitutes an effective preventative aid to blood clot formation.